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Nobody can deny that Nicki Minaj is killing it.

She’s successfully bridged a gap between Hip Hop and Pop on a level that no other female rapper can compete with right now and I saw that in full effect at her sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday.

I know there were some naysayers after her performance at Hackney but from I was witnessed the lady knows how to put on a show, she spat harder and with more clarity than a lot rappers I’ve seen live and her singing voice was on point too.

Getting to the gig was fun, randomly found myself  travelling to the Hammersmith Apollo in a blacked out people carrier with our cameraman,Nicki’s stylist,make up artist and manager eating KFC ….she  standardly rolled up separately!

More KFC and a load of meet and greets later, I  caught up with her after the show to talk about her love for the ‘Barbz’ and who her biggest competition is…

….if  you want to WIN tickets to one of her October/November Arena gigs, hit the KISS site!

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