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” J-J-J-J….” you know the rest.


I enjoy Jessie J.  Like the majority of the British public, I’ve observed her ever expanding career through Brit Award wins,strong haircuts,talent show judging and most importantly live performances…..and you don’t need to be told twice that Miss J can SANG.

Unfortunately,no ‘saaanging’ happened when she came by recently  but we did speak about tunes,tittays and touring!     



Like most people I’ve been watching The Brit Awards on TV since I was a kid.

Each new one has brought varying levels of excitement…and sometimes dissapointment but 2013′s had everyone (…okay me and my mates) hyped due to the confirmation of Justin Timberlake performing hopefully with Jay-Z and/or Beyonce in tow.

….well The Carters didn’t show up but he and the rest of the performers that night made a memorable show.


Pre-show I was on the red carpet to catch up with some of this year’s nominees and guests….

PS. I fangirled a bit at Frank Ocean and he didn’t make me feel like an idiot,amen.


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Solange Knowles isn’t just ‘Beyonce’s little sister’ anymore. Currently 2 albums deep and working on a third, her 7 song EP  ’True’ is a gorgeous mix of 80′s inspired R&B/pop that critics have been going crazy for and hasn’t left my iPod since it was released.



After a 4 year absence from the  UK stage, she sold out 2 shows at London’s XOYO within an hour. Her performances were confident and playful which pleased her crowd made up of a mix of old school fans and new comers to the Solange party!



The day after her first  show, she came by the KISS  studios. We chatted music, family and her future….plus, I got a free dance lesson.


No one cany deny that in the arena of mononymed popstars Rihanna is up there with best of them Madonna, Beyonce etc.

Definitely not the same young girl that sang ‘Pon De Replay’ anymore, the world has watched her go from innocent ‘Island girl’ to a full on pop force to be reckoned with.

So she had the genius/crazy idea of doing 7 shows, in 7 cities in 7 days, whilst taking an assortment of  the world’s media and some lucky fans on a private plane with her, in aid of launching her 7th album ‘Unapologetic’.  I joined for the Berlin to London leg.

I had a few mates who work for assorted magazines, blogs and online channels doing the whole 7 days of the trip and all I kept hearing from them before I boarded was ’AMAAAAZING’ so obviously I was more than excited to get on board the plane that Rihanna herself deemed as “where it’s all happening”….

Rihanna put on an electrifying show at Berlin’s E- Works venue and her to fans on stage, belting out all her biggest  hits as well as her new material…… but what was to follow on the actual plane was next level.

All I can say is that after experiencing 40 hours of Rihanna’s life, I now understand why popstars can go a little crazy!

Check my glimpse in to her world…..


I am an Alicia Keys fangirl.

I remember seeing the video for ‘Fallin’ on MTV Base when it first came out and wondering who the hell this cornrow headed girl was when she belted out those now  infamous lines of  “I keep on falling…” and since then, it’s been great to see how she’s developed from under Clive Davis’s wing to a firm staple in the arena of international solo female artists.

Ahead of her recent gig at The Roundhouse, she dropped by the KISS studios to talk about her current single ‘Girl On Fire’ and future plans.

She was genuinely warm and really centred and I can’t wait to hear what the rest of her ‘Girl On Fire’ album has to offer when it drops in November.

Check out our chat….

…and yes I asked her to sign my CD.


I’ve been a big No Doubt fan for while, their mix of Ska, Punk, Pop, Reggae and general etcetera still makes them a band that excites me. That, as well Gwen’s solo stuff…but that’s for another gushing blog post.

It’s disappointing when you meet artists that you like that aren’t very nice, luckily Gwen and Tony (I’m pretending to be on casual first name basis at this point) were alright!

Check them out talking about the new album ‘Push & Shove’, the craziness of their past 26 years as a band so far…and me trying not to be a bit of a loser fangirl…I failed slightly.



…and yeah I begged a signed CD from them too.



You don’t have to tell anybody twice that Michael Jackon’s  ’Bad’ album is incredible.

From it’s title track to ‘Liberian Girl’ to ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ etc.

… really is (forgive me for the awful phrase)…. “all killer, no filler”.

 His estate approached legendary director Spike Lee to make a documentary on the album to coincide with the 25th   anniversary of it’s release.

The film features a selection of noted music industry heads as well the session musicians, producers and video directors who had worked with Michael during the ‘Bad’ era.

I was fortunate enough to go to the UK premiere of the film, which included a Q&A with Spike Lee and I left the cinema amazed.  The 2 hrs that the film runs for didn’t feel like a drag. The audience was given an informative, fun and occasionally sad snapshot of The King Of Pop.

Until I see one better (which is unlikely for a while) I’ll say it’s the best music documentary I’ve ever seen…yep, it’s really that good. MJ fan or not, go see it.

Here’s a little taster ….

…here’s me and Spike ….

…and just because…


Yo Ne-Yo!

I interviewed Ne-Yo on Tuesday, an artist who I quickly found out prefers to give hugs instead of handshakes!

With Chris Brown’s popularity STILL on the rise and the recent return of Usher, the competition (whether admitted by the artists or not) to be ‘that guy’ in commercially successful R&B is well and truly on and Ne-Yo is showing no signs of going out quietly.

Check out what he’s saying ….


Apart from Notting Hill Carnival, Wireless still remains one of my favourite London events in Summer.

Our crew was down at Hyde Park for the whole 3 days doing live broadcasts from our hospitality area (no drinking whilst on air of course!)

It was my first time doing an outside broadcast and I can’t lie the first day I was pretty nervous but settled in to it and had a great time!

During the course of the 3 days I …..finally saw  The Roots perform live, was blown away by Jessie J’s vocals, juggled Rihanna’s bouncy balls, was duped by a very convincing Katy Perry lookalike and ruined two decently clean pairs of Nike’s thanks to infinite mud! 

Over the course of the 3 days I got chatting to Rizzle Kicks, Misha B, Angel, Conor Maynard and Tulisa….

Check out the rest of the video interviews and pics right here !




Nobody can deny that Nicki Minaj is killing it.

She’s successfully bridged a gap between Hip Hop and Pop on a level that no other female rapper can compete with right now and I saw that in full effect at her sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday.

I know there were some naysayers after her performance at Hackney but from I was witnessed the lady knows how to put on a show, she spat harder and with more clarity than a lot rappers I’ve seen live and her singing voice was on point too.

Getting to the gig was fun, randomly found myself  travelling to the Hammersmith Apollo in a blacked out people carrier with our cameraman,Nicki’s stylist,make up artist and manager eating KFC ….she  standardly rolled up separately!

More KFC and a load of meet and greets later, I  caught up with her after the show to talk about her love for the ‘Barbz’ and who her biggest competition is…

….if  you want to WIN tickets to one of her October/November Arena gigs, hit the KISS site!