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To quote my friend Jason on twitter “ I spent around 15838000hrs of my childhood at the hairdressers with my mum, bored stiff, flicking through @blackhairmags” which made me laugh as this was my experience too.

Due to my younger memories and the fact that I love looking at what can be done with afro hair, I was more than happy to say yes when Black Hair magazine asked me to contribute, as well as be interviewed for their regular ‘So you wannabe…’ feature.

It’s out NOW.

Here’s my favourite tune from the magazine’s super fierce cover girl Shingai’s band…


Monday October the 11th was the first ever  international ‘Day Of The Girl’ to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls in developing countries, so that problems such as child marriage, sexual abuse and child labour can be reduced and eventually eradicated.

I was one of roughly 150 women  from backgrounds in the arts, sports, media and politics who were chosen to speed mentor girls aged 11-18 in the London Eye  for a couple of rotations!

I was in the presence of some really amazing women in the pod including The One Show’s Anita Rani and the creator of children’s book ‘Angelina Ballerina’ Katharine Holabird.

Mentoring the young ladies was a really fun and inspiring experience, most of them where 14 years old and where full of enthusiasm for the opportunities that life has for them. They shared dreams of wanting to be everything from an Olympic show jumper to social worker!

When comparing their aspirations and possibility of them happening to that of a girl in a developing country it really did put in to perspective just how lucky we are in the UK to have access to education as and when we require it.

The mentors were also privileged to hear from Georgina Arnold who heads up MTV’s Social Responsibility chapter and former first lady and charity campaigner Sarah Brown.

We were also spoken to by Maness (pictured above) a 16 year old girl from Malawi who shared with us the story of her friend who had sadly died after being forced to marry a man double her age who was infected with HIV.

However despite the sadness of her story Maness was defiant with goals to stay in education and one day day be the minister of Agriculture in Malawi, which I have no doubt she will achieve!

Check out Plan’s fantastic new ‘Day Of The Girl’ advert.

This time last year I was days away from flying to my home country Ghana with Plan for their ‘Because I Am Girl’ campaign, which is still ongoing.  It was a humbling and hopeful experience, as I got to see young women feeling powerful and positive about their future due to the investment plan had made in their communities.

If you want to find out more about their great work click HERE!




My goings on in  ’the industry’  so far, in 160 words as kindly published by Music Week

Vote Amfo!!

I’m honoured and excited  to be nominated in the ‘Rising Star’ catergory  for 2012 Sony Radio Academy Awards !

*cliche alert* … obviously winning would be wonderful, however just being nominated still  feels good !

I’ve had and continue to have a great time working at KISS, from presenting shows, the artists I’ve been lucky enough to interview and the great events our team put on !

So on May 14th we shall see what happens !

Voting closing on Tuesday May 1st , if you’d like to vote for me, please do so below !